Graduate Recruitment landscape

Met Traders is pleased to announce it is now open to applications for its latest graduate trading programme. We are looking for highly ambitious individuals who want to learn and experience what it is like to be a successful trader. All applications can be submitted via the Met Traders microsite where both knowledge and numeracy tests must be conducted before submitting a CV and cover letter.

Please visit our microsite to apply.

Graduate Training

Our graduate recruitment programme is an 8-week course devised for aspiring traders by Met Group founders, Steven Gordon and Michael Jacobs and evolved by Gansham Halai. It’s based on the way they have successfully traded over the last 20 years.

The course, now in its ninth year combines theory and practice and is divided into two parts. The first four weeks are spent in the classroom, understanding theory, technical analysis and charting. The next four are about implementing those skills and strategies in live simulated situations. You will get to experience a true trading floor environment and have access to our state-of-the-art trading platforms. Your teachers will be academics, traders and ex-traders.

It is competitive but never ruthless. Our aim is to nurture new talent, and you will be continually assessed throughout the 8 weeks. If you make it through, you will join a trading room that includes many previous graduates plus some of the industry’s most experienced traders. One of them will become your mentor as you start trading real money.

If you are a university graduate with a minimum of a 2.1 degree and with the bundle of skills that mark out the best traders (intelligence, ambition, numeracy, open-mindedness, flexibility, creativity, robustness, competitiveness) we’d love you to apply via our microsite.